If you are interested in obtaining knowledge about the photovoltaic solar world, then our training courses are perfect for you!

Solar PV Course: Date TBD

When and Where?


What will you learn?

• What is solar energy.
• Design PV systems as professionals.
• How to use bankable PV design programs.
• Design of earthing systems.
• Create single-line diagrams.
• Build BOQs.
• Differentiate the quality and grades of different solar panels, and a detailed explanation of the tiering system.
• Visit the production lines of Philadelphia Solar Company, the largest and first solar panel factory in the Middle East.
• Install and dismantle a sample mounted structure.
• Visit Al Badiya Power Generation Station (23 MW).

Why to visit Al Badiya Power Generation Station?

• The first and largest PPA power-storage plant in the Middle East and the region.
• The first solar power plant combined with energy storage systems (Tesla PowerPack) in the Middle East and Africa region.
• Unique Philadelphia Solar single axis tracking system.
• The first project to be connected to the distribution company in Jordan.
• The only project from Round 1 with Jordanian manufacturing, supply, engineering, financing, construction and ownership.

Who are the trainers?
• Eng. Ali Tharwan: 

Seven years of experience in the PV and electrical systems work, project management professional (PMP), medium voltage substation training, ISO and QMS.


• Eng. Jehad Al Masri: 

Six years of experience in PV panels manufacturing and testing PV panels, trained in Finland, and PV panels and cell manufacturing, trained in China.


Who should attend the training course?

The course is open to all those interested in having know how and knowledge about the photovoltaic solar field.


What will the course include?

• Lunch and coffee breaks.
• Transportation to Philadelphia Solar Company and Al Badiya Power Generation Station.


What about the certification?

A certificate from Philadelphia Solar Company.


For registration and more information please contact:

cs@philadelphia-solar.com or call: +962 79 7116436