Solar Modules

How Rounded ribbons can affect cell’s performance and durability!

In comparing rounded ribbons used in 10BB and 16BB technologies in the PV industry, several factors come into play:

  1. Material Usage: Rounded ribbons in 16BB may require more conductive material due to additional busbars, potentially affecting thickness or diameter for proper current carrying capacity.
  2. Electrical Performance: 16BB rounded ribbons might offer better electrical performance by reducing current crowding and enhancing efficiency through improved current distribution across cell surfaces.
  3. Mechanical Durability: Given the increased number of busbars, 16BB ribbons may need to withstand higher mechanical stresses, requiring enhanced durability and fatigue resistance for long-term reliability.
  4. Manufacturing Process: The manufacturing process for 16BB ribbons could involve more steps to meet design requirements, impacting production efficiency and cost.
  5. Cost Considerations: Although 16BB ribbons may have higher production costs due to additional materials and manufacturing complexity, potential performance improvements and efficiency gains may justify the expense for specific applications.