Philadelphia Solar LLC interview on CNBC Middle East from the link below:


Philadelphia Solar is blessed as Jordan to be in the Solar Belt, and it has visionary leadership that is providing the enabling environment and the foundation for us to spring into action. Philadelphia Solar is just one Jordanian company looking to take advantage of the country’s shift to green energy technology to expand.


Philadelphia Solar Start investment in 2007 with a very small capacity at that time, around 10 MW annually. And to give you the sense of numbers, today we are at 500-megawatt capacity and expanding next year to 1000-megawatt capacity. So, PHS expanded its capacity in the last 13 years by around 100 times and started with only 20 employees. Today PHS is hiring 500 and we’re expecting to have 600 employees by next year.


The main pillar of Jordan’s new economic roadmap focuses on the need to achieve a reliable, sustainable cost-effective, and continuous source of energy for the country’s electricity sector while adding jobs and upgrading Jordan’s standard of living across the board.


That means addressing a major part of the expenditures for municipalities, the high cost of electricity and fuel. since 2014, Philadelphia Solar has had a lot of projects installed in Jordan and the feedback and the results of these solar panels were above expectations. Also, the return on investment is great. which helped to reduce the Levelized Cost of energy produced by the solar panels. So basically, shifting to a green economy will help to create jobs and there are always a solution, technical solutions.


There is also green hydrogen which really can consume a lot of renewable energy power and can be a part of the energy mix in the country. So, shifting to a green economy will create that job that his majesty King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein wishes to have within the next ten years.


Already the company is producing 1 million solar panels per year, with plans to boost sales to the US significantly over the next year. As demand for renewables accelerates globally.


Philadelphia Solar believes that will allocate 75% of its capacity in 2023 to the US market alone. It’s a big market, with high demand. And they believe in Jordanian technology and Jordanian products.


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