Local References - Philadelphia Solar

Local References

Al Badiya Power Generation - Mafraq, Jordan

23 MWp

Al Badiya Power Generation

Al Badiya is a specialized power generation company, solely owned by Philadelphia Solar... Learn more

United Cable Industries Company (UCIC) - Mafraq, Jordan

4.5 MWp

United Cable Industries Company (UCIC) is the largest Roof Solar system in Jordan.. Learn more

Al Istishari Hospital - Amman, Jordan

2.5 MWp

Al Istishari hospital project is one of the wheeling projects installed by Philadelphia Solar... Learn more

Giant Industrial Group Factories - Mafraq, Jordan

2.7 MWp

On 19th July 2016, Philadelphia Solar (PS) introduced the new PS-M72 high performance...Learn more

Al Zaytoonah University - Amman, Jordan

1.77 MWp

Al-Zaytoonah University is one of the first universities in Jordan to embrace clean energy... Learn more